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Pre-acquisition Phase

Has it ever happened that, after an acquisition, some elements come up you hadn’t detected during the “due diligence”? With dire financial consequences…
Elements are most often not only financial but operational and strategic.


1. Some examples

To help you avoid this, you can ask consulting firms to help you in the due diligence.
But they are consultants, not managers. And their cost is also quite decent…
Do they know the “tricks of the trade” as managers? With a helicopter view you never look “under the kilt”.
Arrowstone, with its extensive network of seasoned managers, offers you the opportunity to use the inside knowledge of the sector by providing you experienced managers with deep experience in the business of the target company.
During the “due diligence” and negotiation phase.
For 2 days, 10 days or whatever, you choose.

2. How it works

From “Challenging walkthrough” to “thorough Operational audit” by an experienced manager with:

He can help:

Arrowstone proposes also Assessments of the Management Team, based on state-of-the-art methods who assess the actual management level and the potential of the managers.


Before you decide, Arrowstone gives you the insight to understand your opportunities and your risk. At the most transparent and reasonable price.


Our objective: that you identify Arrowstone as the best partner for your management issues!