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The digital challenge is huge for many of our clients, and the cornerstone is to find the right talent. Talent to help define the right strategy, talent to lead projects and change, and also talent to implement and construct the tools of tomorrow.

Arrowstone wants to assist its clients in the whole value chain, and has now a dedicated Business Unit dedicated to Technology Recruitment.

Based on our culture of building a strong Client partnership and with an experienced team, we find and motivate the best talents to make our Client’s projects real.

From infrastructure to data analytics we understand and cover most positions in or linked to the IT department:

And as we understand the need for sustainability but also for agility, our services cover Permanent and Temporary staff.


Step 1 : Scope analysis

Don’t rush before you understand.

During this very important phase, the Arrowstone Partner will identify the needs of the Client Organisation. The scope of elements to take into account and the pursued objectives are thoroughly analyzed with the Client.

This takes into account “objective” data as well as the more “subjective” elements the recruit will need to address. Subjective elements can range from formal or informal communication styles and experiences to the identification of management culture and culture of change.

Based on this information and together with the Client, we then define the profile of the future candidate.

Step 2: Selection and presentation of adequate candidates

Shape the solution.

Structured interviews lead to a careful selection. The evaluation takes into account the technical skills, the emotional capabilities and the potential to adapt.

After screening and in-depth interview of potential candidates we propose some candidates to be interviewed by the Client.

 Step 3: Closure

Nothing exists until it is signed.

Managing closure of the assignment is now essential. Arrowstone provides to both our Client and final candidate sensitive support in bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Step 4: Prepare day one

Be aware that the first impression last forever.

Arrowstone stresses the importance of preparing the arrival of the candidate, and most often prepares the necessary communication with the Client and the candidate.

Step 5 : Monitoring & follow-up

The mirror effect.

Today’s recruits must “hit the ground running” and are faced with lots of challenges, some expected and some that were not clearly identified at the start, some experienced before, and some not.

It is not reasonable to think that our work as provider stops when the candidate steps in.

Depending on the nature of the assignment, and with the agreement of the Parties, the Arrowstone Partner provides supporting services after the intake. Having very regular contacts with the candidate, where he can speak totally freely about all aspects of the situations he faces.

The Arrowstone Partner who takes the role of “listener and challenger” has a wide business culture, is curious and a very creative thinker.