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The digital challenge is huge for many of our clients, and the cornerstone is to find the right talent. Talent to help define the right strategy, talent to lead projects and change, and also talent to implement and construct the tools of tomorrow.

“Contingency” also called “No cure No pay”, with or without exclusivity, or “Retainer-based” are possible, and the three options have their pros and cons. We propose therefore to adapt our fee scheme to the way that will suit you and your search objectives best.

We know that the “no cure, no pay” option is often preferred but the “retainer” option entitles us to devote more time to the search and brings more commitment from both parties.  It also allows to be more open towards the market and the candidates. Furthermore, our retainer is refundable if we are not able to propose valid candidates.

Statistics show that the “fill-ratio” differs strongly between the options:

Our fees can either be a percentage of the annual gross salary or a flat fee defined according to the level of experience and complexity of search of candidates.

Temporary Contracting

A daily fee in line with market averages will be charged for performance of the contractor.